[C_link: Click our Studio 네번째 이야기] 일본 나오시마

“C_link: Click our Studio” will be released as a part of ACC Art Space Network project.
Artists and curators from 5 countries in Asia and Middle East, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Taiwan and Korea participated and produced the online collaborative program.
Fourth released video introduces Naoshima, the island of art, with narration by Japanese artist Shitamichi Motoyuki. He lives on the island and works on the Setouchi “ ” archive project with the residents. Although Naoshima is a small island with only 3,000 residents, it was a famous tourist destination with 730,000 visitors annually. Although tourists have been cut off due to Covid-19, the island is preparing to take off again.

This Video was commissioned and produced as part of 2021 ACC Art Space Network’s program. This video is online tour program to introduce their region and art scene through the perspective of representative artists and curators from each countries. The video will be released every Wednesday in the official YouTube channel of Asia Culture Center for 5 weeks. We hope that you will have time to experience the city, culture and art scene of each country indirectly through the ACC Art Space Network online tour program.